Alternative 2004 Fair - Sahaj Joy in Tel Aviv

The second day was with the same result as the first - many people got their SR and many yogis came to support and to participate in the collective work of giving people the gift of Self-Realization.

On the third day waves of joy and love were flowing around and the number of the seekers coming to our stand was even greater than on the first day. It seemed that most of the deep seekers chose this day to appear and many of us experienced some nice cases; like a young couple who were angry with each other and were arguing near our stand, so they have been invited to experience meditation and to relax together. After their Self-realization they just opened their eyes with tears, and walked away hugged with a very sweet and forgiving attitude towards each other.
There was also a seeker, Karate fighter who rushed like a bullet into the stand, landed on the chair and said to Andreas that he have “only 6 minutes” for the experience. After only few minutes he was hugging and thanking Andreas for he never experienced such thing and he said that he was searching for it all his life. So... Andreas had no choice only to be carried away to the girlfriend of this seeker and she also got her Self-Realization very easily while standing and they could feel the cool breeze coming from each other’s fontanell area. A young religious boy came to our stand for his realization, he said that his father wouldn’t allow him to come. But he came despite that and he got his Self-Realization from a Yuva at the same age as he is, who was working on the young seeker’s charkas while he was sitting in meditation.

As a result , there are between 300 to 500 people who experienced their kundalini awakening, and already there were 30-40 new people, many of them young who attended the weekly program for beginners in Tel Aviv last week. Few more came to a program in Bney-Aish and usually there are people that coming on the 2-nd and the 3-rd week after the exhibition so we can expect few more people in the future.

But the main thing we want to express is that we are all deeply thankful to Mother for these wonderful 3 days we have enjoyed, enjoyed each other, enjoyed being tools of HER love, enjoyed being there inside this exibition full of useless things, with the knowledge that we are the messengers of the TRUTH, and enjoyed very much to have such wonderfull and beautifull brothers and sisters from Austria who came to this land by their own will and made these days blisfull and full of deep experiences that cannot be expressed, we only can say from our hearts – THANK YOU!

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Sahaja Yoga in Israel