Alternative 2004 Fair - Sahaj Joy in Tel Aviv
"If you do not feel that way, the pity for the people who do not have their self- realization, think of the times when you did not have your self-realization. Think of others who do not have their self realization and who are having a bad time. It is not that if you have your self-realization you settle down with it but that you should go all out to give realization to others. You have all got realization but it not limited to you, it is meant for others that you have to give it to others."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Dear Brothers and Sisters snd every seeker who came to this page,
It was a nice, warm sunny day and the divine attention could be easily felt around the congress building by the yogis who were attending the “Alternative 2004” exhibition held in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Between the dates 20-22 of January.

We started to invite people to experience Self-Realization at about 2:30 pm, and immediately people began to flow and so it was until the late 22:30. The atmosphere around our stand was very joyful, and the vibrations were strong- forming shield of protection and letting us know that Mother all the time with us. This time we had many yogis who came to support and our small stand was most of the time filled up to the top with yogis and people receiving their Self-Realization. Yogis who were free at that time were standing around the stand and inviting passing by people to try meditation by telling them about SY and the Kundalini awakening given free at our stand.
That day about 4:00-5:00 PM we were blessed by the arrival of our brothers & sisters Michael, Andreas, Saraswati & Edith from Austria who came straight from the airport as a one team filled by deep desire to help and with love in their hearts. We just smiled at each other-Jay Shri Mataji! Namaste- and from that moment there is just no need to remember something...
Just feeling of oneness of our spirits, and open hearts, many seekers receiving SR, smiles of joy and surrendering to Mother’s love. All this made this evening become as one deep meditation with about 100-150 people who got their Self-Realization and about 20 more in a program in a hall nearby at 22:00 PM.

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Sahaja Yoga in Israel